How to Host a National MotoTrial

Over the years, some clubs have taken on the task of organizing a national (AMA sanctioned) or a world round (FIM sanctioned) motorcycle trials event. Most of the clubs make money doing so.

In no particular order, here are some of the things that you/your club can or should do to be considered to host a national:

  1. Get involved with the NATC. Have your club president contact the NATC to express interest in being involved with the NATC. The NATC is an organization that thrives because of some great volunteers from many clubs from across the US.
  2. Someone from your club should carefully review the current version of all of the NATC Documents including the Organizer’s Checklist, AMA/NATC supplemental rules posted here on the NATC website.
  3. Talk with a current national rider from your club about what they think makes a successful national and about the suitability of your club riding area for a national.
  4. Take a chance and commit to doing it!
  5. Attend a national (or as many as possible) as a rider, minder or spectator, and look at the things going on to make the event happen. Better yet–volunteer to help out!
  6. Contact the NATC to have a discussion about hosting an event.





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