Marc FreixaQ. What are the basics I need to know to spectate MotoTrials?

A. MotoTrials events are held on natural terrain, it consists of a "loop" comparable to a moderate hiking trail. This loop connects the sections where the competition actually takes place. The sections are surrounded by white ribbon which establishes the borders, cards mark the different lines (difficulty level) which send riders over and around various obstacles, like rock and logs for example. There are normally 12 sections which are connected by the "loop" spectators must hike from one section to another using a marked spectator trail.


Q. How far will I have to walk to view the competition?

A. There are normally many sections within a short walk from the paddock (starting area) but to view every section of the event you should plan on walking several miles over moderate terrain. Because of the format of MotoTrials, you could see constant activity at a single section the entire day.  


Q. When does the event start?

A. The normal start time have riders leaving the paddock beginning at 9am, with a new rider leaving every minute. The best riders make up the "Pro" class they are the last group to leave the paddock which would have them normally starting around 11am.


Q. What should I bring to spectate?

A. The most important thing, since you will have to hike to view the sections, it to wear a heavy soled shoe or hiking boots. You should also bring water, although there are concessions in the paddock, there is not normally any services on the loop. Some level of sun control is also recommended (hat, sunblock etc.).


Pat SmageQ. What is the cost to attend?

A. The cost vary by venue but when you arrive at the event, you will pay a gate fee for each person in your group.


Q. How close to the "action" can I get?

A. That is one of the many great things about spectating a MotoTrials, each section is marked by boundary ribbon, you can stand anywhere outside of the boundary and sometimes be inches from the "action".


Q. How long is each National event?

A. This depends on the venue, the loop can range from 3 to 10 miles, there are normally 3 loops of 12 sections and each rider normally has 7 hours to complete.


Q. What do the different number plates mean?

A. They represent the difficulty level for the rider. Inside the "section" are marker cards which direct the rider over and around obstacles. Green backgrounds on the number plates will follow the green markers, white backgrounds follow white markers, and blue backgrounds are an exception in that they follow white markers or red markers as designated at the start of each section. The red backgrounds follow red markers, and the black backgrounds represent the "Pro" class which follow the black cards which are typically the hardest obstacles.


Q. As in golf, are spectators required to be quiet while a rider is attempting a section?

A. No, because of the amazing things you will see during a MotoTrials event, you are not expected to stay quiet, in fact the riders are encouraged by the sounds of the crowd during their rides.


Q. What kind of action am I likely to see?

A. Here is a short video of what kind of action MotoTrials has.