Youth Trials Events

The NATC supports youth in trials in two ways:  first, organizers in Tennessee and Colorado put on the Eastern and Western Youth Nationals every year; second are the "Next Gen Youth Trials Series" events held in conjunction with the AMA/NATC Nationals led by NATC Next Gen Kids Steward's Tom and Vicki Batchelor. 

Tom and Vicki work with and help the Next Generation in the sport of Observed Trials. Their goal is to work with young children, teaching trials techniques, understanding section layout and good old fashion fun in a National setting. The hope is that local clubs will adopt a youth program, and the youth programs will grow with the children.

Children ages up to 13 years are welcome. AMA membership is required. The events will be held at 1:00pm on the Friday before a National and at 10:30am on the Saturday of the National.

There is no entry fee, but an AMA membership is required (except for Stryder class riders, they do not need an AMA membership).


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