#1 - Patrick Smage

Pat Smage

Elkhorn, WI
DOB: 7/28/1990
Sponsors: S3, Sherco USA, RYP USA, Dunlop, Maxima, Gaerne

After being unable to defend his title in 2016 Pat returned home and got to work. During the off-season Pat practiced everything he felt weak at the season before, and with a new found confidence came back in 2017 and won his 9th title while being the underdog. Pat and Marc went at it all season with the last two rounds of the series being at the very wet and slippery Rhode Island Trials Club. This was usually Pat's kryptonite, but not this year. All the training over the past season paid off and Pat was able win the first day of competition and put the Championship in the bag! During this off season, Pat was married to his longtime girlfriend Hannah.

Pat is now focused on winning his 10th title, let's all cheer him on.

#2 - Marc Freixa

Marc Freixa

DOB: 11/14/1979
Sponsors: Montesa/US Honda

Marc came to our series in 2016 after being active in World Trials for 13 years. He finished 2nd in the Indoor series in 2001, finished 3rd in the World Trial Championship in 2001 and 2003. As a member of the Spanish Trials des Nations team they won in 2000, 2001, 2004 & 2005. Marc is a welcomed competitor, showing the other riders a smooth and effortless riding style that was not previously seen in the US. Marc won the US Championship in 2016, defeating the Eight time champion Pat Smage. In 2017 Marc put up an incredible battle, but narrowly lost the championship back to Pat Smage. We will have to see what 2018 has in store for this talented rider!

#3 - Andrew Putt

Andrew Putt

Venetia, Pennsylvania
DOB: 7/30/1998
Sponsors: S3, Sherco USA, RYP USA, Dunlop, Maxima, Gaerne

Andrew Putt burst onto the National MotoTrials scene in 2011 finishing 9th in the Junior class...He has never looked back, in 2012 he won the Junior Class, in 2013 he finished 4th in a highly competitive Expert class, in 2014 he finished 2nd on a 125cc in the Expert class narrowly missing victory to "10 time Expert Champion" Ray Peters. In 2015 Andrew entered the Pro class and among his finishes carded 3 second place finishes and in the final two rounds of his Rookie season recorded two victories. Andrew is now the highest year end season placing rookie in the history of our sport! In 2018 Andrew is off to college but we hope to see him at select events this year.

#4 - Bryan Roper

Bryan Roper

Glendale, Arizona
DOB: 7/14/1993
Gas Gas
Sponsors:  GasGas Motos, Hebo, Alpinestars

Bryan Roper is one of the Pro veterans of the sport and climbed to the number 2 ranking during the 2013, 14 and 15 MotoTrial National Series. The Arizona native, was trainer and minder to Andrew Putt during 2016, but he came back to competition in 2017 with his new Gas Gas team. Bryan had a solid season climbing all the way to 4th for the season. 

#5 - Alex Niederer

Alex Niederer

Bradenton, Florida
DOB: 10/8/1993
Gas Gas
Sponsors: GasGas Motos, Hebo, Alpinestars, Spectro Oils, TrialStoreUSA, TwinAir, Renthal

Alex Niederer, originally from Austria, moved to the USA in late 2011. In 2012 he practiced on his manmade obstacles in his backyard with his sights on competing in the NATC MotoTrials series. In 2013 he entered his first National in New York finishing 5th on day 1. On day 2 Alex won the Expert class, stunning all the other competitors, he was now on the map!  In 2014 Alex finished the year with 3rd in the Expert class adding another victory at round 5 in Pennsylvania. After a spectacular 2017 Pro season he is returning to his Gas Gas team with new determination and his sights on the podium!

#6 - Daniel Blanc-Gonnet

Daniel Blanc-Gonnet

Phoenix, Arizona
DOB: 7/27/1994

Gas Gas

Sponsors: GasGas Motos, Hebo, Alpinestars

Daniel won the 125 Expert Class Championship in 2011. He battled his way to the number 2 position in the hyper competitive Expert class in 2013, then moved to the Pro class for the last round of the series.  In 2014 in his Pro class rookie season Daniel finished 4th. In 2015 life caught up to the 21 year old and he had to miss half of the NATC series because of work commitments, but that did not change his commitment to training, and at the first day in Wyoming Daniel finished a career high second in the Pro class besting his idol Cody Webb. Although life is creating some obstacles we are sure Daniel is far from done! 2016 found him on a new Montesa team and motorcycle, 2017 was a good season, but with a move to the Gas Gas team, and a physical move to Arizona he now has the ability to train year round. In 2018 Daniel has his sights set on the podium!

#7 - Sam Fastle

Sam Fastle

Albuquerque, NM - Attending College in Louisville, KY
DOB: 6/26/1994

Sponsors: Sherco USA, RYP USA, S3, Dunlop, Maxima, Galfer, Gaerne 

Sam Fastle came into the 2016 season after a 2 year hiatus while serving the Mormon church, Finishing 7th in the Pro class in 2013 he played catchup to the competitors that he was close to before his departure. Sam was the 2012 Expert 125 Champion, and finished 3rd in the Expert class in 2013 as well as winning the UTE Cup that year. In the 2017 off season Sam was married to his girlfreind Whitney.

The 2017 season saw Sam gaining back his Pro form. You can bet he will be one to watch in 2018!

#8 - Quinn Wentzel

Quinn Wentzel

Canfield, Ohio
DOB: 6/02/1994
Sponsors: Scorpa USA, RYP USA, ZIP Express, S3, Spa Lé Jeane, Gaerne, Dunlop, Galfer

Quinn returns to the Pro class this year on his mighty Scorpa team to take on the 2018 season. Quinn is also a very accomplished competitor in extreme Enduro's as well as Endurocross. Quinn's accomplishments in MotoTrials are legendary, In 2012 Quinn was the High School class National Champion, in 2015 he became the Expert National Champion in a very competitive field. Quinn is stepping up his game this year with a new outlook into the 2018 season. He has his eye on the podium, and should be a frequent visitor!

#9 - Karl Davis Jr.

Karl Davis Jr.

Daytona Beach, Florida
DOB: 6/24/1992
Sponsors: Scorpa USA, RYP USA, S3, Dunlop, Maxima,  Gaerne

Karl came back to the series in 2016 after a two-year hiatus with something to prove. Beginning that season as an underdog, using his flamboyant style and aggressive riding, he quickly made his way toward the top of class placing 4th for the season. Due to professional commitments Karl was only able to ride select events in 2017. Depending on other commitments Karl should be back on the National circuit in 2018. Make sure you keep an eye on him this season he will surely put on a show!



photos © Shan Moore