Q. If my child is a minor (under 18) and goes to the event with a friend, what will they need?

A. If you are sending your child with a friend, and will not be attending with them, you need to call AMA Organizer Services at 800-262-5646 and see what the current requirements are.


Q. How do I get started in MotoTrials competition?

A. You must be current member of the American Motorcyclist Association, go here for more info

It is suggested that you attain at least intermediate level of riding to enter the entry level Clubman class. You should have competed in local competitions to be sure you have obtained the skills that will be required. Refer to  to find a trials club and competitions near you.

To sign up for a national go to  there you will find all the information and requirements for signing up for a national.

When you get to the event, you will pay a gate fee (varies depending on venue) for each person in your group.


Q. What safety gear is required?

A. All riders must have a DOT or European equivalent helmet, gloves, pants, long-sleeve shirt, boots that go over the ankles, bar pad and disk protectors, and a lanyard style motor killing device.


Q. How long is each National event?

A. This depends on the venue, the loop can range from 3 to 10 miles, there are normally 3 loops of 12 sections and each rider normally has 7 hours to complete.


Q. What class should I compete in?

A. This depends on your age and riding ability, and your machine's engine size. Look at the class section in rules.


Q. Can I ride more than one class?

A. No, because of the format of Mototrials it is not permitted.


Q. Do you accept checks or credit cards?

A. We do accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express for entry fees at the events, but to avoid extra fees for late entry you are encouraged to sign up ahead of time at PRE-ENTRY. All CC transactions have a 3% processing fee. We do not accept checks. We do accept cash.


Q. Is there practice prior to the event?

A. Most events have designated practice area available to rider the day prior to an event. See the event info HERE for more info.


Q. Do I have to have a special number plate or jersey?  

A. We require each competitor to have certain information and color on their NUMBER PLATE. See the rules section 2a. You are also required to have certain identification on your riding JERSEY see section 1e.


Q. How do I determine which age category to compete in?

A. The age group you compete in is determined by your age on January 1st of the year of competition.

Example: You were age 57 on January 1st you would compete in the Senior 50 class until you were age 60 on January 1st at that point you would move up to the Senior 60 class.


Q. Do I have to run a spark arrestor or pass a sound test?

A. Currently spark arrestors are only required at some events refer to the event info for specific events HERE.  Sound test are not currently required.