Carolyn Saum


Carolyn Saum


Carolyn was born and raised in Birmingham, AL and has been involved in trials all her life. She grew up with trials, as a member of STRA, she married a trials rider in 1992, Andy Saum, and still rides trials today as a member of Central Arizona Trials (CAT). Her parents, Joe and Clara Patrick, started all three of their girls, (Vonda, Carolyn and Rhonda) in trials at a young age. She attended and worked many local, national and world championship events. Her parents were also owners of Trials Competition Newspaper. Trials is in her blood. She loves riding, working, organizing and observing at all the different level of trials events.

Carolyn alongside her husband Andy, have organized many CAT local events. She has been a part of three AZ national events. Recently, part of the second AZ World Round. At the many different events, she has assisted with section layout, setup crew, sign‐in crew, observer and anything else that needed to be done to make a successful event. There are many times where she assisted with sign up, went and rode the event then came back to verify scorecards and assist with the trophy presentation.

Carolyn has ridden three UTE cup events and two nationals. She claims not to be the best rider, but she can certainly hold her own, and thoroughly enjoys riding. She has also walked/ran many of loops to watch her husband, Andy, ride at the nationals and world rounds, sometimes carrying one or even both of her children when they were under 3.

She graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Since then she has started her own, successful Accounting Business.

Carolyn and Andy have two wonderful children, Kaitlyn and Andrea. Even though they have never ridden trials events (they do know how to ride), they attend the events with their parents and are awesome helpers at sign in.

Carolyn has been a member of the NATC Council since 1992. She started assisting Andy with Entry Secretary position and then was elected CFO to manage the accounting side of the organization. Being a part of the council, has given her opportunities to help the sport improve and grow.

She loves the sport of trials and enjoys helping and/or attending as many events as she can, it is like one big family at the events.