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Kylee Sweeten Wins!

Kylee Sweeten pulled off something that seemed unimaginable earlier in the weekend, she won The Women’s Trial2 Class at the World TrialGP held in Kingman AZ.

K Sweeten Action

Kylee is one of the up and coming women in the US National series, but she has yet to win a round of the AMA/NATC MotoTrials series. She has finished as high as 2nd in the Women’s Pro class.

Assembling in Kingman were 13 riders from all over the world who had come with one goal in mind, to win the Women’s Trial 2 category. On Saturday Kylee was able to best half the class with an eighth-place finish, a little off of her expectations but not a bad first World TrialGP finish.

K Sweeten Action GP

Starting out on Sunday she felt good and confident she could do better than the day before, and started the day off with some impressive rides ending her first of two loops in a solid second. After the mandatory 20-minute break between loops Kylee went out on her second and final loop determined to hold on for a podium finish, little did she know that after a decisive ride in section 9 she would be firmly in the lead. Moving through the remaining sections with great results she came to section 13, which she scored a 3 for the first loop, she had another unbelievable clean and commanded the final two sections, taking a two on the last and final section, for a five-point victory over second.

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