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The Super Trial kicks off

The all-new Super Trial Series kicks off next month on May 17th and 18th in Luckenbach, TX.  After the success in 2017 and 2018 of the Texas Pro-Am events, the trials master-mind and crew behind the Pro-Am have created the Super Trial Series.  Building on the basic concept of the Pro-Am, this event will still feature an evening skills competition for the riders on the first day (Friday), and an afternoon Pro trials competition on the second day (Saturday).  New features include qualifying, knock out rounds, European riders (complete athlete list below), a Trials des Nations fundraising riding clinic, an athlete signing, and much more:

  • Amazing event sponsors: Rich Energy, a Bristish energy drink company who sponsors the Haas F1 team, has stepped up; and Ford Motor Company has also come on board. 
  • There will be an athlete purse for the riders in the competition, as well as a series purse at the end of the season.  The athlete purse is provided by Rich Energy.
  • Trials school on Sunday morning, hosted by Pro riders (all past and future TdN team members), with all funds to USA TdN team.


The schedule of events for May 2019 is as follows, with event descriptions below:

Friday 9-10am – Open splatter practice (only at lowest level)

Friday 10-10:30am – Practice section/area open

Friday 11-3pm – Super Trial Qualifying 

Friday 6:45-7:15pm – Athlete signing table

Friday 7:15-7:30pm – Rider intros (each athlete will need a song)

Friday 7:30-9pm – Splatter competition (hard finish at 9pm.  Awards at 8:45pm)

Saturday 8:30 – Riders meeting, local trial

Saturday 9am-2pm – Local trials event hosted by Central Texas Trials Association

Saturday 10am – Pro riders meeting to discuss the Super Trial Series

Saturday 2:30-3pm – Athlete signing table

Saturday 3-6pm – Super Trial Pro Shoot Out

Saturday 7pm – Nick Lawrence Band concert

Sunday 8:30am- noon – Trials school, hosted by Pro riders, all funds to USA TdN team

** on Friday and Saturday there will be some time set aside for press interviews.  Times are TBD.


May 2019 athlete list (no order): Pat Smage, Sam Fastle, Karl Davis Jr., Daniel Blanc-Gonnet, Jan Peters (Germany), Josh Roper, Alex Neiderer, Andreas Neiderer, Alex Myers, Kylee Sweeten, Madeline Hoover, Louise Forsley, Donna Fox (Great Britian).  9 men and 4 women. 

The Course: designed by Race Director Ray Peters.  There will be three section arenas with 3 sections in each one.  Most sections will be designed to be ridden both directions.  Area A will have section 1-3, Area B will have section 4-6, and Area C will have section 7-9.  Friday qualifying will use only designated sections, the remainder will be reserved for the Shoot Out on Saturday.

Qualifying: All the riders will ride the designated qualifying sections one time for a score that will follow them into Saturday’s event and count for points towards the series championship.  This score determines starting order for the main events (Splatter and Shoot Out), and counts towards the final results of the Shoot Out (like a first lap score, just on a different day).  Qualifying will also be a time for media to take photos with out having to worry about spectators.

Scoring: The Super Trial Series will use the NATC rulebook as standard with additional changes as noted.  0, 1, and 2 are as traditional trials events.  3 is for 3 or 4 dabs only.  After 4 dabs, the rider will have 5 points, which is a maximum score.  If a rider has a maximum score, they must leave the section directly, because the show must go on.  The Pro Men will follow black arrows, the Pro Women will follow purple arrows.

Mulligan: During the main event, the Pro Shoot Out on Saturday, each rider will receive one “mulligan” ride.  (It’s a golf term that means “do over”.)  If you get a 5 in a section (or any score you don’t like), you have the option, ONE TIME, to attempt the section again.  The second score will be the one recorded for your final score.  The Mulligan is only for use in section area A or B (sections 1-6).  The last 3 sections (area C) will be one chance only.

Time limit: Each section will have a time limit that will be individually set for that section.  You will be told at the start of each section what the time limit is for that section.

Knock out: During the main event, the Pro Shoot Out, there will be 3 areas with sections in them, as described above.  All riders will ride sections 1-3 in Area A.  When we start at section 4 in Area B, only the top 7 (of 9) men riders will move on, and the top 3 (of 4) women riders will move on.  When we start at section 7 in Area C, only the top 5 (of 9) men riders will move on, and the top 2 (of 4) women riders will move on.  The top riders will be chosen from a cumulative score of qualifying on Friday and the first sections on Saturday.  Each rider who moves onto another area will receive a $100 bonus.

Splatter competition:  The splatter wall is a man-made platform that can be raised, and has a kicker ramp that is placed accordingly.  The platform starts at 4 feet.  There will be open practice on Friday morning for all riders, but it will only be at the lowest/starting level.  For the evening competition, after the rider intros, the women will go first.  When a women’s winner has been chosen, the men will compete.  Each rider will compete in order based on qualifying scores.  The platform moves up at 12-inch increments until the first rider fails, and then 6-inch increments until we crown a champion.  Each rider has 2 attempts to make it up the splatter wall with a clean ride.  (Toe dabs, with feet still on the pegs, count as dabs, and therefore a failure).  If you receive assistance (spotting) or fail to make it up, it is a failure.  The use of the skid plate will be considered a clean ride, but will be noted in case of tie breaking.  After each rider has made it, or failed two attempts, the platform will be raised, until only one rider is left.  (The splatter competition does not count toward event or series points.  It does, however, offer a purse to the top 4 finishers).

Athlete signing table:  There will be a 30-minute athlete signing table before the splatter competition and before the Shoot Out.  Posters will be made for the event with all the rider’s photos on it.  Posters will be free for spectators.  Riders may also hand out signing cards, and sign anything else that a spectator asks for, like event shirts.

Trials school:  Sunday morning will be a trials school, with proceeds going to the TdN team.  As most of the Pro are TdN team members (past or future), there will be a great rider to instructor ratio.  A poster for this event is attached.


Super Trial Series Information

Series Points: attached to this email is a graph with the series championship points.  Riders will get points for their finish position, 1st-10th, for both the Shoot Out and Qualifying.  There are no points for the Splatter competition.  There are 2 events in the 2019 schedule: May 17-18, in Luckenbach, and Oct 18-19, in Luckenbach.  The series points total will go towards a series points purse (separate and in addition to the event purse).  For 2020, we are looking at a minimum of 4 event schedule.

Athlete Purse: Athlete purse is sponsored by Rich Energy.  For events, the breakdown is as follows: $1500 for first, $1250 for second, $1000 for third, $850 for fourth, $750 for fifth, and then down the line until $500 for 10th place.  Riders must fulfill rider requirements to receive their Event purse.  For the series, the breakdown is as follows: $2500 for first, $2000 for second, $1400 for third, $1300 for fourth, $1200 for fifth, and then down the line until $500 for 10th place.  Riders must compete in both events in 2019 to be eligible for the Series purse.

Rider requirements: to be sent to Christy at  You can call Christy with questions at 604-307-4884.

*** to be eligible for purse money, you must fulfill the rider requirements***

  • Minimum of 2 photos from each of you: a head shot and an action shot.  (Doesn’t have to be new)
  • Minimum of one video from each of you, between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, that can be posted on social media and the website.  (Doesn’t have to be new, but it could be)
  • Fill out an “Athlete Bio”: a list of age, hometown, bike, sponsors, first bike, when you started riding, current class and ranking, any championships you have won (national or state championships, class championships, etc.)
  • Participation in all events for the May 2019 Super Trial.
  • A pleasant manner, full riding gear when on the bike (helmets and jerseys with names), and appropriate pit clothing at all times during the weekend.  This is primarily a show; there will be many spectators, and press all weekend.  Please be professional both around the pits, and also in the sections.
  • Your travel information: when you are arriving, and how (driving/flying), where you are staying (and with who), and when you are leaving.  Also, the name of your minder if you have one.
  • Your shirt size.
  • An intro song, which you all should have already for the nationals. 


Future Super Trial Series plans:

  • More events.  More events mean more opportunities to earn purse money for competition.  Events will continue to be scheduled with respect to NATC nationals, so all riders should be able to attend all events.
  • More sponsors.  More sponsors mean we should be able to continue to improve the series.
  • More riders.  The event will cap at 10 Pro Men and 10 Pro Women.  We aren’t quite there yet.  We would also like to eventually include a Super 2 class (15 years and older) on the red Expert line, and a Super Jr class (15 years and younger) on the purple ES line with the Women’s Pro.
  • More activities at events.  More activities will draw more spectators, and more sponsors.  This can include concerts, food trucks, trials dealer demos, kids trials, and more.