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Pat Smage Wins Super Trial in Texas

Super Trial

The 2019 Super Trial Series kicked off this weekend in Luckenbach, Texas, with round one of a two-round series that will wrap up on October 18-19 at the same location. The event featured the top Pro Trials riders in America (men’s and women’s), plus German rider Jan Peters and former British Women’s champ Donna Fox in a “stadium-type” event with man-made sections. The purpose of the Super Trial series is to bring trials to the spectator and make it more accessible, and the Luckenbach facility made for the perfect venue. The promoters are planning on expanding the series to five rounds in 2020.
According to co-organizer Christy Williams, proceeds from the event go to charity.
“We’re supporting a lot of charities here, which is a really, really great thing,” said Williams. “Proceeds from Saturday morning’s local event go to Children of Fallen Patriots, which is a really cool scholarship program for people who have lost parents in services. Then the day entry for spectators, which is a 10-dollar gate fee by donation, goes to a local Fredericksburg chapter of another services charity.” 
Having won his 10thUS National MotoTrials title in 2018, FactoryONE RYP Sherco’s Pat Smage is looking for a record 11thtitle in 2019 and the Super Trial event served as the perfect warmup for the 2019 NATC/AMA US National MotoTrials Series, which kicks off following weekend in Nebraska. 
Friday’s event, which was won by Smage, was a qualifying round, while Saturday’s round featured a “Shootout”, which saw riders eliminated at various stages of the event until just five riders were left to ride the final section.
Smage turned in a spectacular and crowd-pleasing performance, taking just 11 points during the two days en route to victory.
“It definitely feels great to start this way, now I know I’m where I need to be,” said Smage. “This is far from a natural event, with the man-made sections, but just judging by how I felt in these sections and certain spots, I’m feeling good about where I’m at.”
Second went to FactoryONE RYP Sherco’s Karl Davis Jr. with a total of 39 points, while German rider Jan Peters (TRS) was third with 49 points. 
GasGas North America’s Daniel Blanc-Gonnet was fourth with 57 points, with rookie pro Alex Myer rounding out the top five on his FactoryONE RYP Scorpa just one point behind Gonnet.
Turning in spectacular rides were rookie pro Josh Roper (FactoryONE RYP Sherco), Alex Niederer (GasGas North America), Sam Fastle (FactoryONE RYP Sherco), and Andreas Niederer (Beta USA).
In the Pro Women’s division, Louise Forsley (FactoryONE RYP Sherco), who is hot off the America Live Tour, took the win with 32 points, while Donna Fox of Great Britain was second with 36 points. Kylee Sweeten (FactoryONE RYP Sherco) and defending Pro Women’s champ Maddie Hoover (GasGas North America) also competed and gave crowd pleasing performances. 
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1. Pat Smage (Shr) 16
2. Karl Davis Jr. (Sco) 39
3. Jan Peters (TRS) 49
4. Daniel Blanc-Gonnet (GG) 57
5. Alex Myer (Sco) 58