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Carl "Coach" Swanson honored by the Manx Trials Club on the Isle of Man




For information contact: Hub Brennan, Protocol and Public Relations

The Rhode Island Trials Club




Coventry, Rhode Island, September 16, 2019. Retired teacher and acclaimed hockey coach Carl C. Swanson has been honored by the Manx Trials Club on the Isle of Man. The Carl “Coach” Swanson Award was introduced at the conclusion of the prestigious Manx International Classic Trial, a time honored two day motorcycle event held annually on the island nation located in the Irish Sea.


The challenging off-road event has competitors traverse difficult sections of terrain across the two hundred square mile island. Riders from throughout the world bid for entry to the prestigious event. 2019 marks the second year that Swanson has lead a US contingent to the event. He has been the oldest rider to complete the event with each outing. “It is in recognition of this accomplishment that an award bearing his name was introduced and a trophy commissioned to honor him” said teammate Dr. Herbert J. “Hub” Brennan.  “He is a giant of a man and is deserving of this honor in many ways.”


Ian Lees, Secretary of the Manx Trials Club noted, “Cheers to Coach!  Whilst we welcome overseas entrants to the trial each year, few bring the gravitas of Coach Swanson. Competing successfully at his age earns him the admiration of us all. We hope he will return again next year”.


Local craftsman Adam Andrewskiwcz, also of Coventry, was commissioned to craft the trophy which features a Revere silver bowl atop a base of black walnut. “I was both honored and flattered to be part of this commemorative event”. said Andrewskiwcz.


Swanson, 77, lives in Coventry, Rhode Island and is a retired educator and hockey coach, having taught in both Coventry and East Greenwich. He was recently inducted into the East Greenwich Athletic Hall of Fame. He is President of the Rhode Island Trials Club.